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Editorial and commercial photography, short films, technical questions

Robert Németi - robert@robertnemeti.com , +421915 438 447 or +421905 228 525

Wedding inquiries
Silvia Németi - silvia@robertnemeti.com , +421915 438 411

You can send your questions through the online emailing form as well.

Wedding photography FAQ:

What is required to book my date? We usually require 10% down along with your contract to book the date. The final 90% is due after delivering the wedding package to you.

We just got back from our honeymoon, can we see our photos? No! We are probably still recovering! We will have all your photos edited and uploaded into our online gallery/print cart within 4-8 weeks of your event. We will send you an email with a link to your gallery the minute they are ready.

Do I get all of the high- res edited photos? Yes! Our wedding package includes a USB flash drive with all your high-resolution, edited images.

I don’t see any formal photos on your website or blog, do you take any family shots at the wedding? Yes, we take 10-15 minutes immediately following your ceremony for family formals - if time allows, of course. 

We don’t like to blog those, but we know that your moms and grandmas love them ???? What should we wear or bring to our engagement or portrait session? Whatever you do, please don’t wear matching white shirts and stone-washed jeans. Matching is not cool anymore. Wear something awesome. Go buy a new outfit you feel comfortable in and that makes you feel like a bad-ass. Please do not wear what you wear to your corporate job or anything formal. And ladies, no high heels. We don’t shoot your feet and we’ll probably be walking around a bit. We let you have one outfit change during our session. Hopefully you understand that it’s not about your clothes, its about your love for each other. So please don’t bring suitcases full of clothes to your session. Just be awesome.      

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook once I get the USB drive? Yes! We love Facebook. As stated in our contract, you may use your photos for personsal use only. If you want to share them on Facebook, we’re cool with that as long as you give us some serious photo credit:) 

Can I have or see all of the unedited photos you took at our wedding? No! We don’t release any unedited photos, ever. But don’t worry, we give you the best ones and trash all the half blinks and double chin shots. 

Do you edit the photos to the clients liking, such as heavy skin retouching, color correction on request or such? No, absolutely not. We edit our photos based on our working profile that is also represented in our portfolio. We do light edits only, like removing minor skin blemishes if needed, but we do not remove things that are naturally meant to be there. We also color correct our images based on our creativity. Of course this only applies to our wedding clients. Commercial work is edited differently, based on special requests, agreed before the shoot.  

How many wedding photos will I get? A minimum of 50 photos from your portrait session (engagement). A minimum of 400 images from your wedding day. We say that to be safe, but it usually ends up being way more:) 

How many hours do you work on the wedding day? Usually up to 12 hours unless stated and agreed otherwise with the couple. Anything past that, our photos start getting blurry..